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2021, the year of the Great Depression in the hotel industry

We, who run several hotels, are thinking.. how to survive this adversity

"The quality of the hotel is the foundation of everything!". Here's what we came to

In an era when the interior decoration design industry lacks people and skills and building materials are rising

One by one we overcame all the difficulties in creating a new MIMI MOTEL

Returning to the essence of the motel, gathering the forgotten important elements of the motel

MIMI MOTEL was born.

Those elements of automobile travel that have been forgotten by the development of time are actually needed by passengers

Located on the outskirts of the city, maintaining the privacy and quietness most important of a motel , without compromising the convenience of transportation

MIMI MOTEL sincerely welcomes you!


A new brand under the well-known hotel chain group

It is an accommodation and rest space in the suburbs of the city
A brand new motel that retains important MOTEL elements
It is a brand new space created by a well-known motel designer

I hope you will fall in love with every space and every corner here.

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